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Dynamic Player Plugin

Yes, DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) can be used outside programmatic. Our Player can run as an item in a regular playlist allowing the execution of content using DCO, meaning more value for your clients.

Programmatic Player Plugin

Run programmatic campaigns in OOH!
Sell audiences instead of venues. Allow an increased frequency when audiences are more relevant. 

Playlist Manager

Manage frequency and log ad serving
Full solution focused on programmatic OOH, providing full control over frequency and content management.

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For publishers

Make your venues available to the programmatic ecosystem.

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For agencies

Target OOH Programmatically through our partner's OOH DSP

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Programmatic OOH in the news.


Clear Channel Outdoor on How Location Data Helps Brands with OOH and the Future of OOH Measurement

Our media locations have been used historically and successfully to target key markets, neighborhoods or zip codes of interest to advertisers. 

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Innocent Drinks experiments with programmatic OOH buying to promote Super Juice range

Innocent Drinks is trialing a fresh digital out-of-home (DOOH) programmatic buying method that will allow it to target audiences based on geo-location data.

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Programmatic Out-of-Home: Our Journey So Far

From a software team in a row home in Philly to a global advertising technology enterprise, a look at how programmatic is transforming the OOH industry .

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The Evolution of Programmatic OOH Advertising

While programmatic advertising for out-of-home (OOH) media has been slower to gain a foothold compared to digital advertising, movement in the space is finally being made, and at a faster pace.

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The Biggest Data Trends for Outdoor Advertising in 2017

While TV and Print advertising budgets continue to shrink, Outdoor Advertising is the only traditional ad format that is still growing (at a healthy 2.7% in 2017).

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What is programmatic OOH and 3 benefits it holds for marketers

OOH, or Out Of Home, marketing has been a favourite of many a brand for some time, but what does it mean for your OOH to be programmatic? This week we’re unpacking the term and exploring three practical ways brands can make the shift.

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OOH Programmatic – Its Coming!

There has been so much discussed and written with regards to Programmatic in Out of Home. I have heard many conflicting definitions of OOH programmatic from dozens of ‘Experts’, Industry Leaders and Programmatic software sellers.

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Programmatic is transforming the creative potential of OOH

The least talked about but most interesting component of programmatic OOH is the transformation that automated ad-serving brings, writes Posterscope's CEO.

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Inside Clear Channel's big bet on programmatic out of home

Clear Channel has made its single biggest ever investment on bringing programmatic to out of home advertising, betting its future on the process of buying outdoor media being an automated one.

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